I started doing travel photography to make memories of my travels to different places. After some time, photography became not just a hobby but a part of my life. In 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer and photography played the role of art therapy that helped me to overcome the biggest challenge in my life and accept changes that were happening to my body during treatment. I often do self-portraiture and love to use the naked body in my photos to show the fragile part of being a human. My focus is on conservation photography and environmental issues. As a photographer, I am exploring the connection between humans and the environment to show that we are one part of a big ecosystem, and by destroying our planet we destroy our future first. Therefore, a lot of my photos do not evoke positive emotions and feelings. I am trying to predict the worst-case scenario of what can happen, some sort of apocalypse. I hope this will make viewers think about the question - what can I do today to prevent an environmental disaster tomorrow? I choose conceptual photography because it is a powerful tool that helps visualize and share your statement.

In this portfolio, you can find photos from different projects with a focus on environmental issues.